Text review procedure

  1. After receiving a text, the Editorial Board pre-approves it on the ground of its compliance with the profile of the journal. The paper is reviewed by an external reviewer, a Member of the Editorial Board, and the Editor-in-Chief of Poradnik Językowy. Texts which need to be corrected and/or supplemented or fail to meet the editorial requirements adopted in the journal are sent by the editorial team to their authors for correction and/or supplementation. External reviews are anonymous (we observe the rule of anonymity of authors and reviewers).
  2. Reviews are made in writing, with the use of a review form, and end with an explicit conclusion about admitting the text for publication (possibly with the indication of the corrections which the reviewers find necessary) or rejecting it. The reviewer may additionally justify his or her decision in a descriptive manner.
  3. The Editorial Board decides on the admittance or rejection of the text for publication based on the review.
  4. In accordance with the recommendations issued by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, reviewers are obliged to sign the declaration on the absence of a conflict of interest between the reviewer and the author.
  5. The names of the reviewers collaborating with the journal in a given year are published on the journal’s website and/or in Issue 10. [Moreover, the names of reviewers of individual Issues are published on page 2 of the cover].