ISSUE 8 / 2003


  • Mirosław Bańko : Get to Known a Dictionary from the Cover. Informative-Advertising Texts on the Covers of Dictionaries
    Based on the analysis of informative-advertising texts placed on the covers of 52 orthographical dictionaries, the author assumes, that, although they allow to recognize such a dictionary among a range of other ones, they hardly let us know about the dictionary itself.
  • Bartłomiej Guz : Stereotipization and Profile Making of Symbolic Meanings of Selected Animal in the Colloquial-Linguistic Picture of the World
    The article concerns the issue of stereotipization of symbol, i.e. reduction of their meanings to those which are communicated by verbal and non-verbal media of stereotype. The process is depicted on the example of some animals (also birds), especially on the example of an eagle and vulture. A comparison of lexical connotations with symbolic meanings originating from the Bible and Greek mythology reveals the role anthropocentrism and evaluation play in the process. The phenomena described here are associated with cultural profile making, which contributes to another perception of a given symbol.
  • Katarzyna Kozłowska : The Ways to Begin and Finish the A-Level Exam Talk
    The article is based on the analysis of texts coming from the oral A-Level exams. The author describes spoken language in formal situations. She assumes that the elements of a situation, in which communication takes place, influence the choice of linguistic means. She presents various ways to begin and to finish an examination speech. She analyses adjustment of the talk to the topic and the ability to analyze the question. She examines initial and final utterances also on the formal level, i.e. the structural one (simple, complex and compound sentences as well as elliptical sentences) and the parts of speech. She indicates numerous qualities of colloquial speech in the specific linguistic situation.
  • Anna Stąsiek : Word-Building Equivalence Based on Modernization of Saint Lucas Evangelical Texts in the Editions of the Bible by Jakub Wujek
    The analysis of Saint Lucas Evangelical texts reveals that the changes made by consecutive editors and publishers correspond to the trends of evolution in morphological subsystem, as well as that the modernization of the language is slightly behind the chronology of linguistic processes, specified in the examination of secular texts, which in turn points to the uniqueness of the Bible as a kind of text.


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