ISSUE 5 / 2021


  • Ałła Krawczuk : Deviations from the general Polish norm as regards the grammatical category of gender in Polish-language texts of „Gazeta Polska Bukowiny” („The Polish Newspaper of Bukovina”) published in Ukraine.Download article
  • Olha Popova : Difficulties in learning the inflection of numerals in the teaching of Polish as a foreign language on the example of Ukrainian- and Russianspeaking students.Download article
  • Jarosław A. Pietrow : Rhetoric of expressive exemplification in typologically distant languages: On the example of selected Polish and Japanese statements/utterances.Download article
  • Beata Terka : Alternation of aspectual partners, or a few comments on the irrelevance of aspect.Download article
  • Janusz Siatkowski : Once again about polonisms in Słodkie Sulejki by Siegfried Lenz.Download article
  • Piotr Kajak : Instruments for promoting the Polish language worldwide: „Tripartite Polish Studies Meetings: China, Korea, Japan”.Download article
  • Assel Sagimbekova : Problems and prospects of the Kazakh language transitioning into the Latin alphabet.Download article


  • Anna Zielińska : Hanna Pułaczewska, Wychowanie do języka polskiego w Niemczech na przykładzie Ratyzbony. Dwujęzyczność dzieci z perspektywy rodziców (Polish language education in Germany on the example of Regensburg. Bilingualism in children from the perspective of parents), Łódź 2017.Download article