ISSUE 3 / 2016


  • Wanda Decyk-Zięba : The history of „Poradnik Językowy” („The Linguistic Guide”) 1901–1939
    “Poradnik Językowy” (“The Linguistic Guide”) was established by Roman Zawiliński, a Kraków teacher, in 1901. The aim of the journal, as intended by its creator, was mainly language consultancy, indication and explanation of errors, introduction to the principles of proper language use, arousal of the public’s interest in linguistic issues, and documentation of the contemporary condition of the language. Zawiliński was the editor and publisher of “Poradnik Językowy” until 1931. From 1932, the journal was a body within Towarzystwo Krzewienia Poprawności Języka (the Society for Proper Language Use Propagation), it was also moved from Kraków to Warsaw. For several months, the function of the journal’s editor was fulfilled by Kazimierz Król, while from November 1932 the position was held by Witold Doroszewski. The title was not released in the period 1913–1918 (according to R. Zawiliński, in the years 1915, 1917–1918), 1924, 1928. The total number of 299 issues were published, with the average volume of each being 1 sheet. In the years 1913–1914, 1916, Poradnik językowy was a section of “Język Polski” (“The Polish Language”), a new journal the founder of which was also Zawiliński.
  • Józef Porayski-Pomsta : „Poradnik Językowy” („The Linguistic Guide”) in the period 1948–2015
    This paper depicts the history of the only monthly in Poland that presents the issues of language – “Poradnik Językowy” (“The Linguistic Guide”). It is the oldest academic journal of this type in Poland. The paper describes the period following the Second World War – years 1948–2015. The entire discussed period is divided into terms in which the journal was managed by successive editors-in-chief: Witold Doroszewski (1948–1976), Mieczysław Szymczak (1976–1985), Danuta Buttler (1986–1991), Halina Satkiewicz (1991–2008) and Stanisław Dubisz (2008–2015). Organisational framework of the journal’s operation (editors, editorial meetings and editorial boards) and its contents are discussed for each of the periods. The paper demonstrates the transformation process of “Poradnik Językowy” from a journal where contents popularising the knowledge of the Polish language were dominant into one with academic contents prevailing. Yet primarily, the paper presents the influence of the individual editors of “Poradnik Językowy” on its shape and nature.
  • Stanisław Dubisz : The role of „Poradnik Językowy” („The Linguistic Guide”) in shaping the linguistic standard and the knowledge of the Polish language
    “Poradnik Językowy” (“The Linguistic Guide”) is one of the three oldest Polish linguistic journals. Its history can be depicted in five periods: 1901–1931, 1932–1939, 1948-1976, 1977–2008, after 2008. The proportions between the cultural linguistic and the academic function of the journal are slightly different in each of the periods. In the initial development phase, the former prevailed, while from 1948 the latter one became increasingly more clearly outlined; today both are pursued to a similar extent, which is proved by the journal’s readership, diversity of subjects touched upon in its issues and annals, as well as its position on (domestic and international) ranking lists.